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Modeling of Sintering Process for the Preparation of Magnetic Abrasives by RSM and ANN Models

mukesh kumar


In this study, a modeling has been done for the prediction of the sintering process, as sintering process is one of the best processes to prepare magnetic abrasives. The sintering process is modelled by using RSM and ANN techniques. The ANN model has been developed using a multilayer feed-forward neural network and trained with the help of an error backpropagation learning algorithm based on the generalized delta rule. The indication from results tells that the RSM and ANN modelling techniques can be effectively used for the prediction of the sintering process for the preparation of magnetic abrasives. The results indicate that the prediction capabilities (R2 for Training (.9999), validation (.9999), testing (.7308)) of ANN models are far better as compared to the RSM models.


Modeling; RSM (Response Surface Methodology; ANN (Artificial Neural Network); Sintering.

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