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Penetrative Thermomagnetic Convection in a Micropolar Ferrofluid Layer via Internal Heating

Savitha B., C. E. Nanjundappa


Through the internal heating model thermomagnetic convection in a micropolar ferrofluid layer has been studied in the presence of a uniform vertical magnetic field. The rigid-isothermal boundaries are considered to be paramagnetic. The eigenvalue problem is solved numerically by Galerkin technique. The system stability is dependent on the various parameters like, dimensionless internal heat source strength Ns, magnetic parameter M1, the non-linearity of magnetization parameter M3, magnetic susceptibility χ, coupling parameter N1, spin diffusion parameter N3 and micropolar heat conduction parameter N5. The onset of ferroconvection is delayed resulting with an increase in N1, N5and χ but accelerates the onset of ferroconvection with an increase in M1, M3, N3 and Ns. The dimension of ferroconvection cells increases when there is decrease in the values of M1, N3andincrease in the values of M3, N1, N5 and Ns.


Ferroconvection, micropolar, internal heating, magnetic susceptibility, Galerkin technique, rigid-isothermal boundaries

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