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Experimental Investigation on Double Basin Solar Still System

Sayali Shashikant Desai, Jyoti Balasaheb Gadekar, Amanprakash Santosh Dewarkar, Sunil Vishnu Jhankar


This project was chosen in order to satisfy the need of people in  a more reasonable and feasible way to convert the polluted water into water fit for drinking.Double basin is used in order to increase the rate at which we can get the output of waterproduced after distillation and it can be fit not only for agriculture but even for drinkingpurpose. There is no use of any electrical appliances as it will consume much of electricity.Instead we are using solar energy for this purpose as it is available in abundance. Water available in some areas is not pure but mixed with many kind of impurities for eg. chemical waste, physical waste or biological waste. For this waste removal solar distillation is been used. Solar Distillation provides water that is of good quality. There are many factors associated with solar distillation like double basin, toughened glass, distillate, etc.


Solar distillation, solar collectors, solar basin

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