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Optimization of Process Parameter in Electrical Discharge Machining

Krishna Kashid, Pramod Kurade, Nihal Tahikar, Tushal Vhanmane, Sagar Khatavkar


This is the non-traditional machining process. The high surface finish of the material is required. More complex shape of material is required. Wire EDM is one of the nontraditional machining processes. Surface roughness and kerf width are of crucial in the field of machining processes. This paper uses the Grey relational theory and Taguchi optimization technique, in order to optimize the cutting parameters in Wire EDM for D3 steel material .The best surface finish is achieve by minimum kerf width. Minimum kerf width is the material removal of the material. Stainless steel use as a work piece. Brass wire use as a tool of 0.25mm diameter. Pulse ON pulse OFF time and servo voltage use as a input parameter. Wire tension dielectric fluid wire speed are fixed parameters. By using the contact type surf coder and video measuring coder machine surface roughness and kerf width can be determined. Optimal value is obtained by grey relational analysis and Taguchi method for surface roughness and kerf width. Additionally, the analysis of variance (ANOVA) is too useful to identify the most important factor.


Taguchi method, Grey relational analysis, ANOVA analysis.

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