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Evaluation of the effect of fuel preheat on the performance and emission of a diesel engine using regression analysis.

R Seetharamaiah, A.S. Ravindran, S.M. Gopinath, B. Manjunatha, A. Sathyanarayana Swamy


In this work an attempt was made to determine the effects of loading in Kirloskar 3.7 kW single cylinder, four stroke, compression ignition engine with “diesel and biofuel”as fuels. The effects of ‘fuel preheat’ on brake power and emission characteristics were investigated. The fuel preheat temperature was increased from 35C to 50C and emissions like CO and HC were found to be decreasing considerably, but, slight increase in brake power and NOx was observed. Through the statistical approach a ‘regression model’ was established to predict brake power and emission levels of a diesel engine operating on biofuel. Using multi regression model, an empirical relation was developed for evaluation of BP, HC, CO and NOx for a diesel engine.

Key words: Regression model, biofuel, performance, emission.


Biofuel; emission; performance; regression model

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