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Simultaneous Optimization of Multiple Performance Characteristics in MIG Welding for Machining AISI-304 Stainless Steel by Weighted Principle Component Analysis

Ravi Bharadwaj, M.K. Gaur, Saurabh Agrawal, Vedansh Chaturvedi


The effect of MIG welding parameters specifically Welding current, Voltage, Gas flow rate and Plate thickness during welding of AISI-304 stainless steel Material on MIG welding machine at different level presents in this work. All the welding parameters are modeled using Taguchi-based Principle Component Analysis (PCA). Principal component is used as multiple responses optimizing technique to drive optimal solution, which gives the overall quality index in experimental process, and finally result was verified through confirmatory test. The impact of Welding current, Voltage, Gas flow rate and Plate thickness on the Ultimate tensile strength, elongation and Hardness is examined. Finally, the result of developed mathematical model is scrutinized. Double-V welded joints have been made by using numerous level of current, voltage, gas flow rate and plate thickness. The quality of the weld has been assessed in terms of ultimate tensile strength, elongation and hardness of the welded specimens. The experiential data have been understood, deliberated and analyzed by using Taguchi-based PCA technique.


MIG Welding Parameters; Optimization; Taguchi design; Principle Component Analysis

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