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Digital Image Authentication on Cloud using QR Code

Manish Mathuria, Arvind Kumar Garg


In these days, many people are using social sites for sharing and uploading their life moments as images. And other users can capture or even download those digital images. Hacker can edit and modifying the original image and make a duplicate image. Modify images can then be uploading and sharing. This research generally discusses the importance of QR with Digital Watermarking. The QR Code based Digital Watermarking is possible in both ways like visible or invisible. There is no limitation of colour, it means any colour can be used. This system will prove the ownership. It can be used as copyright protection. The advantage is to stop fake items. The implementation is done by using very popular technique of transformation i.e., DWT (Discrete Wavelet Transform), the experiment is done on variable images and result are also analyse

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