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Operative Protection Fortitude for Agip 1x15 MVA, 33/11KV Injection Substation

Orie K.E, Horsfall D, Igbogidi O. N


The Electrical Power System generally consist of the Generation, transmission and distribution and this system require an adequate protection in it layers of operation to help protect electrical loads and equipment from damaging as to ensure healthy and quality power supply in the power system. The fault associated with this substation are short circuits, overloads, phase unbalance/imbalance, poor usage of protection which in turns causes regular trips/damage on equipment at the injection substation, this fault should be taking care of with a backup protection and main protection like impedance relay and differential relay respectively. In this research work: Determination of Effective Protection on Agip 15MVA 33/11KV Injection Substation. Switch Gears has been selected as a measure to cushion regular load damages or equipment failure, which has an adverse effect to the Injection Substation. ETAP SIMULATION was used to simulate the substation/data network to check the short circuit and it response time, at different fault level on bus 1 in figure 4.2, 4.3 and 4.4. The result in 4.4 shows that at 0.025seconds there was a severe fault between line A and line B. The fault was cleared at 0.11seconds using a self-reset relay which reconnect the line upon clearing fault, also the relay coordination at time 0.03sec and current 1.5kA disconnect automatically leaving the rest of the feeder operating healthily which makes the Agip 15mva, 33/11kv injection effective. On this note it will be best fit to protect bus 1 with SF6 circuit breaker cum differential relay that will mitigate the fault from spreading to other parts of the substation equipment through the bus bar.


Operative, Protective, Fortitude, MVA, 33/11KV, Injection Substation

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