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Fleet Guard: Advanced Fleet Management and Vehicle Monitoring System

A. Meenambika, P. Karuppasamy, T. Vithyaa


FleetGuard: Advanced Fleet Management and Vehicle Monitoring is a game changing IoT solution, crafted using Flutter in the Dart language, set to revolutionize conventional fleet management practices. It seamlessly integrates software and hardware components, with a primary focus on Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) and GPS sensors. This innovative system offers real-time tire pressure monitoring, predictive maintenance, and driver behavior analysis, emphasizing efficiency and safety, ultimately reducing operational costs, and ensuring reliability. Developed using the efficient and robust Dart language, FleetGuard's software component provides a user-friendly interface for fleet managers and operators. This app seamlessly collects real-time data from TPMS and GPS sensors, ensuring that critical information is readily accessible without delays. The hardware component, featuring TPMS and GPS sensors, is integrated into each vehicle in the fleet, offering real-time tire pressure data and precise geolocation. Proper tire pressure is vital for safety and efficiency, and FleetGuard's TPMS and GPS sensors proactively address these concerns, preventing breakdowns and optimizing vehicle performance. FleetGuard's predictive maintenance capabilities analyze data from TPMS and GPS sensors, including tire pressure, engine diagnostics, and vehicle usage patterns. This data-driven approach enables precise maintenance scheduling, minimizing downtime and reducing costs. Additionally, FleetGuard assesses driver behavior, utilizing GPS sensor data to evaluate aspects like speeding, harsh braking, and idling. By promoting safer and more fuel-efficient driving practices, it enhances safety and lowers operational expenses. The comprehensive approach of FleetGuard, combining real-time TPMS and GPS sensor data with predictive maintenance and driver behavior analysis, results in streamlined operations, reduced downtime, prolonged tire life, and increased safety. These benefits significantly lower operational costs and offer an appealing return on investment for fleet owners. With its wide-ranging applications across industries, FleetGuard is poised to revolutionize fleet management. By reducing costs, improving efficiency, and ensuring reliability, this innovative IoT solution, with its integrated hardware sensors and Dart-powered software app, promises a safer and more cost-effective future for fleet operators.


GPS, TPMS, vehicle monitoring, pressure monitoring system, internet of things (IoT)

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