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Deployment Of Communication and Digital Technology for Handling Insecurity and Environmental Challenges In Nigeria



There are so many challenges in Nigeria that require the input of digital technology and communication information technology (ICT). This paper x-rays the deployment of communication and digital technology for the eradication of insecurity and environmental issues such as cybercrime, kidnapping, flooding, water pollution, climate change, poor waste management and oil spillage. The methodology adopted includes secondary data from literature and expert opinions. Challenges identified include insecurity issues; Crime and insurgence attacks are prevalent in Nigeria. Effective means to protect national security will require several steps which could include engaging diplomatic efforts, and the use of military, intelligence, and counterintelligence services. To maximize resources, government entities may want to consider harmonizing and integrating their Identity databases. For the development of the workforce, it is crucial to employ ICT-skilled personnel for the various arms of security agencies. It was concluded that the deployment of communication and digital technology is very essential for the handling of insecurity in Nigeria. Communication and digital technology can be deployed through the development of marching learning models, virtual simulation, media literacy, data integrity, and safety, excellent service delivery in the health sector, and infrastructures and components that enable modern computing. Recommendations include continuous professional development, adequate networking among engineering families, and reliable power and internet facilities.


Keywords: Communication, National Security, Environmental Challenges, Digital Economy, Internet Facilities

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