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Development of a Mathematical Model for Assessment of Total Dissolved Salts

Baqer Abdul Hussein Ali


The main purpose of this research is deriving a new equation which can be used to find the total dissolved salts (TDS) in the soil. This equation enables us to find the total dissolved salts (TDS) by finding density of the saline solution resulting from dissolving the soil in distilled water. This equation shows very good results. So, in this research a new method was proposed to find the total dissolved salts (TDS) in the soil by applying this equation which was derived in this research without the need to use usual methods for finding total dissolved salts (TDS). In this study the proposed method uses the density difference between distilled water and saline solution taken from the soil dissolved in distilled water. This proposed method will make the test of total dissolved salts (TDS) in the soil more easily and quickly when applied. The proposed method is equal or excels in its accuracy on other testing methods, and has the advantage of being considerably faster if there were large numbers of samples to be tested.

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