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Effect of lime content of lime-stabilized A-4 Soils in the Unconfined Compressive Resistance

Leandro Darío Serraiocco, Diego Barbero, Andrea Maroni, Sandra Peyrot


This paper is part of a research project carried out between Geotechnical Office of Dr. Barbero & collaborators and Weg Ingeniería, from Italy and Argentina, respectively. Given the multiple applications of soils improvement with lime, in this research we proceed to develop correlations on the bases of results obtained by geotechnical tests, according to  international standards, realized in A-4 soils at different contents of lime. The goal is to have an order of magnitude and predictability of the behavior of soils stabilized with lime.

In this research, we report on the results of two sets of samples improved with lime and  tested with unconfined compressive resistence to analyse their strenght. These soils were collected by extraction in a test pit for road works, in the city of Palmira, Department of San Martín, Mendoza, in the Cuyo area, Argentina.

Finally, lime stabilization not only promotes high increases in the strength of soils, but also results in a change in the behavior of the soil.


soil-lime stabilization, lime, lime-soil mixture, HRB, soil treatment, Proctor compaction test, CBR penetration test, Unconfined Compressive Resistance

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