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Slope Stability Analysis of Mahad Raigad Region

Tarang Naik, Ritik Rathod, Asmita Pagdhare, Sayali Sutar


Slope stability analysis is a useful tool for determining a factor of safety for slope failure. The catastrophic landslide that occurred in the year 2021 in the region of Mahad (situated in the Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra state) buried 85 people under loose soil. The main objective of this project is to design an unstable slope by the creation of a retaining wall with help of a micropile or geo-grid that can determine a factor of safety that ultimately aids in the prevention of landslides or hill slides. The region chosen for this analysis is Mahad, which is part of the Konkan region which is prone to landslides. The causes of the landslide were determined to be excess water that affected the geological properties of the soil and crossed the limiting value of the factor of safety of the slope. The analysis was carried out by collecting the sample of the said region’s soil, determining it is properties through various tests in the lab using the analytical method for slope stability, and comparing the results from the analytical method with ones obtained from Plaxis 2D software.


Infinite analytical method, slope failure, factor of safety, slope stability, Plaxis

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