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Assessing the Poisson Ratio of Reinforced Earth under Static and Dynamic Stresses

Saad Issa Sarsam


Poisson’s ratio is an essential property of the soil strength and it is a measure of the amount of lateral strain in the soil sample caused due to the longitudinal strain of the soil. An attempt has been made in the present work to detect the variation in the Poisson ratio for reinforced and asphalt stabilized soil when tested under static and dynamic compressive stresses. Soil embankment model was prepared in the laboratory and compacted in five layers of 50 mm thickness to the target dry density. The vertical strain was monitored with the aid of LVDT, while the lateral strain was measured with electronic strain gages. Measurement of Poisson ratio was conducted at the third and fifth layers of the soil. Aluminum strips were implemented as reinforcement and cationic emulsion was incorporated for stabilization of the soil. Implication of reinforcement and stabilization exhibits lower Poisson ratio as compared with the control soil model. It was observed that the Poisson ratio is higherat lower depth of the embankment. Higher Poisson ratio was detected under dynamic loading as compared with static mode of loading.

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