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enhancement of soil properties using robosand

rajasekhar reddy v


Soil is a peculiar material consisting of various important minerals & properties. It is important to know the engineering behavior of the soil which is responsible for the safety, stability &durability of the structure.  As with the rapid urbanization there is a large requirement of land to accommodate. Increasing population with in limited land which enabling mandatory to construct multi storey buildings. In our present study we are concentrated on strength parameters of cohesive soils (Black cotton soil) to improve the stability of the structure. In this project, our theme is to improve the index and engineering properties by blending with additives (ROBOSAND). By collecting a limiting soil samples in the field and conducting an experiment for improvisation of mechanical characteristics of soil. The properties of the soils are estimated by conducting experiments like Atterberg’s limits, compression tests, shear strength characteristics which are influence the sub-structure design. The robosand is blended with various proportions (2%,4%,6%,8%,).  We are hoping that our study which will improve the soil performance up to the required levels which are able to carry the heavy loads in multi- storey buildings.


soil properties; soil performance; robosand; stabilization

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