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Analyze the Value Stream Mapping for Lead Time Reduction by Lean: A Review

Nirali Pandya


Toyota started practicing TPS (Toyota Production System) since 1950, successfully. Due to success of TPS, many companies across the world started using the same. Later in 1990s, Womak and Jones gave the name it as a lean manufacturing. Lean manufacturing is now one of the most powerful manufacturing systems in the competitive world. Numerous organizations around the world have implemented and adopted it to enhance their productivity through reduction and elimination of waste. This project reports is on understanding and implementation of one of the lean tools which is value stream mapping for directional control valve in Bosch Rexroth (India) Pvt. Ltd., Sanand Plant, Ahmedabad. Value stream mapping is a lean tool to identify the value added and non-value added activity during the production. Using this, identifying the waste and removing it along the processes, which is based on the principle of Bosch production system is done. TPS (Toyota Production System) intends the checking of the inventory level during the process of manufacturing and assembling of the products.

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