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Autonomous Firefighting Robotic Vehicle

Supreet Shetti, S J Patil


Firefighting operation requires fire fighters to risk their lives to save the victims. If the fire is in unreachable locations, it becomes difficult for fire fighters to reach the same. Thus, this paper discusses the concept of autonomous firefighting robotic vehicle. The proposed autonomous firefighting robotic vehicle consists of development of fully autonomous firefighting robotic vehicle which can smartly detect the location of fire, navigate to the same autonomously and extinguish the same. Further, the robotic vehicle can also be controlled manually via wireless communication system, which makes it easier to use where autonomous system fails to work. Thus, this can be helpful solution in case of fire hazards. This proposed work can help efficiently to explore and reach areas where humans cannot reach due to the space constrains and danger


Fire; autonomous; navigate; extinguish; wireless

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Supreet Shetti, S.J. Patil. Autonomous Firefighting Robotic Vehicle. Journal of Mechatronics and Automation. 2019; 6(2): 12–17p.



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