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Design and Fabrication of Semi-Automated Sugarcane Bud Chipper

Suyash Sharad Patil, Sunil Sopnur, Hitesh Shankar Nirkar, Vijay Gambhir Patil, Sunil Vishnu Jankar


In today's competitive world, the production of agricultural products has to be accelerated. Agriculture is the particle of India. Almost all farmers in India face the problem of labor shortage. Wages of wages are increasing day by day, and agricultural products are increasing in the same way. The purpose of this project is to design and manufacture semi-automatic grinding machine of sugarcane buds for agriculture. To increase the efforts of farmers and the production of agricultural products. This machine performs two operations simultaneously. The tasks that can be done on this machine are the cutting of sugarcane bales and stalks.



Bud chipper, agriculture, grinding machine, machine, cultivation

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