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Optimization of Process Parameters in EDM

Sagar Khatavkar, Madhukar Sorte, Radhika Mankar


Extensive research has been done till date to improve the performance of electrical discharge machining (EDM). In the past few years, the Taguchi method has played an important role in the optimization of process parameters. However, many of the studies have focused on static or single-quality characteristics such as smaller-is-better, larger-is-better, and nominal-is-best. The Taguchi method is best suitable for relative analysis. The prime drawback here to mention is that relative analysis rarely presents the satisfactory picture for decision making. It can be said so because results obtained do not exactly indicate what parameter has the highest effect on the performance characteristic value. Here the need is to meet the challenges of a dynamic world. So EDM technology must have the process capabilities of high speed. Along with this the main requirement is also the high accuracy and precision, versatility, and robustness. This paper presents the work done with aim of exploring the possibility of multi-objective optimization on available wire EDM experimental data with the process input parameters. Fuzzy logic is applied to experimental data for optimization of complicated multiple performance characteristics can be transformed into the optimization of a single multi-response performance index (MRPI) in terms of MRR, EWR and SR by using MATLAB. The wire EDM process data is analyzed by applying the Grey relational theory based multi-objective optimization method. Combination of GRA and Fuzzy logic is applied. The suitability of GRA and Fuzzy logic techniques are compared to obtain better process parameter which improve the performance in terms of MRR, EWR and SR.


EDM, MRR, Taguchi, Fuzzy Logic, Grey-Fuzzy, GRA

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