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Process Performance by optimization of Process Capability Indices for Seal Groove Operation

Sachin Patil


The Correlation between Statistical Process control, Production and Cost Department is the need of today’s organization. Since any Production Industry has almost one of the most important objective that to minimize the cost associated with their product and services. This can be achieved by improving and developing new strategy among these departments. So, it is necessary to study the various parameters of the Statistical Process Control (Process Capability Indices), Production, and Cost Department.

     For this purpose, a commercial component Y9T caliper has been selected to understand the relations between the parameters related to Production process. In the Present study, Seal Groove Operation has been selected to perform the process capability study by changing production process parameters. Total three trials are taken by changing the Speed, Feed and Depth of cut. The results have discussed in conclusion.


Process Capability Indices; Product; Production; machining operation; Statistical Process Control

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