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A Novel Method for Advanced Fish Farming Implemented Using Arm Processor

Vishnu E.S, Neethu Krishna, Lisha P.N, Roshni Alex, Chika K Gangadharan


AbstractAt present fish farming is a good opportunity for youngsters and it can resolve the issue of unemployment but due to the lack of technical knowledge most of the people failed in this area. The typical issues faced by the farmers are mainly some of the water parameters such as PH, Ammonia, and Temperature. Our innovative system can solve this problem.  The system can check the quality of water and can take necessary safety precautions.  Incorporate with temperature sensor, PH sensor, toxic gas sensor which continuously measured the water quality. If any variation in the PH then we use submersible pump and which in turn will go for a water change. If any abnormal temperature is detected then heater will automatically get’s turned ON. If any kind of toxic gas detects then medicine dispenser will add necessary medication to the tank. Auto feed dispenser can perform the timely feeding.

Keywords: Global System, Mobile Communication, Potential of hydrogen, arm processor, sensor

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Vishnu E.S, Neethu Krishna, Lisha P.N, Roshni Alex, Chika K Gangadharan. A Novel Method for Advanced Fish Farming Implemented Using Arm Processor. Journal of Microcontroller Engineering and Applications. 2020; 7(1): 20–23p.

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