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Study: Internet of Things

Anand Singh, Surya Pratap Singh


This paper gives a brief analysis of different applications based on Internet of Things (IoT)s. This explains about how internet of things evolved from mobile computing and ubiquitous computing. With the help of IOT gradually evolving as the subsequent phase of the evolution of the internet, it becomes crucial to find the various potential domains for IOT, and the research challenges that are associated with various applications. It gives the fact that objects are joints over the internet rather than people. The characteristics of Internet of Things (IOT) are communication, intelligence, action, ecosystem, data, things and connectivity. It uses the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology and wireless sensor networks (WSN). The IOT applications are used in fields such as agriculture, medical, smart city, health care, business, automotive etc. At last the paper focuses on issues involved in IOT. Yet it is a boon, IOT faces certain critical issues like privacy and security. Even though the current IoT enabling technologies have mostly improved in the recent years, there are still numerous problems that require attention in this technology.


Internet of Things, RFID, WSN

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