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A Comparative Study on Effect of Dielectric Covers on Microstrip Patch Antenna

V. Saidulu


In this paper, the square patch microstrip antenna covered with different dielectric covers affects are studied at different heights above the patch and also compared their performance parameters with theoretical and experimental. The square patch antenna has been designed at 2.4GHz on airlon diclad substrate, whose dielectric constant is 2.2 and thickness is 1.6mm and simulated using HFSS simulation software. The affect of dielectric cover above the patch at height (H) =0mm, the results of antenna performance are slightly degraded and as height of the dielectric covers are increases, the antenna performance parameters are improved. In this paper different heights of dielectric covers for different dielectric constants such as 2.2, 3.2, 4.8 and 10.2 are studied. It is also observed that at optimum height of dielectric cover above the patch, the performance of the patch antenna results which is same as the patch antenna without dielectric covers.  The uses of dielectric covers are to protect the antenna from physical damage and other environmental hazards. This antenna is used in wireless applications.


Dielectric covers, Environmental hazards, Optimum heights, Square patch antenna, Gain

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