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Recovery of Tungsten and Copper from Waste Tungsten Copper Borings

D. C. Sau, Nicky Kisku


During the last many years, the unused tungsten and copper alloy from the discarded electric and electronic equipment and industrial scraps are gathering attention as a section of waste. Because of tungsten's many diverse uses, numerous types of scrap were available for recycling by a wide variety of processes. In the present study, tungsten and copper was recovered by leaching process in ammonium hydroxide solution followed by electro winning process. This results the production of APT crystals and when heated it gives tungstic acid. On further heating, this tungstic acid with coke at around 1000°C gives tungsten powder and by electro winning process pure copper is obtained. Ammonium Paratungstate has a wide usage such as tungsten metal powders, tungsten oxides of high purity or as a laboratory reagent. It is also used in some other applications like coloring agent and in catalyst industry.


Tungsten-copper borings, APT, leaching, electrolysis, hydrometallurgy

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