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Parametric Optimization of CNC Wire Cut EDM for Oil Harden Non-Shrinking Steel: A Comparative Study

Vedansh Chaturvedi, Anil Kumar Sharma


There has been a rapid growth in the development of harder and difficult to machine metals and newly developed alloys. Conventional machining methods are not suitable and uneconomical for such materials, thus development starts for newer concepts in metal machining. It thus plays a major role in the machining of dies, tools, etc., made of tungsten carbide, hard steel, alloys used in the aeronautics industry. It is a great concern in manufacturing industries. Now a days there is a demand of quality with higher productivity with minimum manufacturing cost. For this, wire electrical discharge machining (WEDM) process needs to work more efficiently. The selection of optimum machining in WEDM, material removal rate requires being maximum with optimum surface quality. In our case, oil harden non shrinking (OHNS) tool steel is used as work piece and as a tool brass wire of dia. 0.25 mm is used and dielectric fluid distilled water is used. For experimentation Taguchi’s orthogonal array has been used. The input parameters selected for optimization are wire tension, wire feed rate, flushing pressure and servo feed rate. By using parametric optimization technique grey relational analysis coupled with signal to noise ratio methodology and results are verified by MOORA methods.


MRR, SR, OHNS, Grey-relational analysis, MOORA

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