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Fully Interpenetrating Polymer Network from Natural Rubber and Guar Gum

Jobish Johns, Abhiram J. S., Pernabas N., Inayath Pasha I., Saifulla Khan, Anand A.


Fully interpenetrating polymer network (IPN) based on natural rubber (NR) and guar gum (GG) was prepared by using glutaraldehyde as a common crosslinking agent. As both the polymers are naturally occurring and the resulting IPN material can be termed as a green polymeric material. The solvent resistance properties of these samples were investigated by equilibrium swelling method using benzene as a solvent. Benzene was used as the penetrant for the transport studies through fully IPN system. The aim of this study is to find the applicability of such polymers for the preparation of fuel lanes with excellent properties. Samples were prepared with different weight fractions of natural rubber and guar gum. For the composition NR99.5GG0.5, samples were prepared with various amount of glutaraldehyde. Solvent uptake with time has been measured for different IPN samples. A reduction in solvent uptake was observed with increase in the percentage of GG in natural rubber. The impact of the amount of glutaraldehyde on the solvent transport of the system was also analyzed. A reduction in swelling was exhibited with the addition of glutaraldehyde to the natural rubber/guar gum by the formation of IPN. 


Natural rubber, interpenetrating polymer network, glutaraldehyde, guar gum, green polymer

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