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Interference of Components in Metallic Diffusion

Priyavrat Thareja, Honey Garg


Eight different pairs of metals which diffuse in each other in a solid state composition and make a homogenous or heterogeneous mixture are considered for deeper understanding of diffusion phenomenon, w.r.t. direction of diffusion, etc. Further the authors interpret which factors are responsible for the metal and/or more specifically which metal atom will be active in the diffusion process. The analysis evidenced number of breakage of bonds in the substrate of the metals participating in the diffusion process and metal’s thermal conductivity additionally mattered. Study of greater influence, to make a clear judgment of active metal in the diffusion process, solicited decision as to which metal is active in the binary solid-solution diffusion process? The study reveals that there is a very close relationship between the active metal and the physical traits. The dependence of thermal conductivity, number of breakage of bond is analyzed using tabulation of the diffusion direction and the physical properties while defining the diffusion direction for typical pair of the metals.


Diffusion direction, number of breakage of bond, solid state alloy development

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