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Plunger Technique: A New Approach to Stir Casting AMMC Preparation

B. P. Samal, A. K. Misra, S. C. Panigrahi, S. C. Mishra


Metal matrix composites (MMCs) are materials that are highly attractive for large range of hi-tech engineering applications. Keeping this in mind, materials for the present investigation were prepared by a drastically modified stir-casting technique where the usual solid shaft stirrer was replaced by a hollow/tubular spindle-stirring mechanism through which silicon carbide particulates in small cylindrical capsule were introduced to the aluminum-magnesium alloy matrix with the help of a plunger rod to obtain uniform distribution and low porosity in the product that are extremely important to this class of material. This plunger technique is a clear alternative to the established vortex route which is known to be the low-cost method amongst the lot. Interestingly, aluminum-magnesium alloy matrix material in this modified technique was also prepared similarly by directly introducing magnesium turning contained in mild-steel capsule plunger rod into Al-melt, which gives high Mg recovery (95%) in the alloy. It was found that modified stir-casting technique is simple to operate, smooth, trouble free, highly efficient and above all an inexpensive process in comparison to other methods.


AMMC-Aluminum metal matrix composites, stir casting, hollow shaft, composite; plunger rod

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