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Principles and Use of Analytical Transmission Electron Microscope

Prantik Mukhopadhyay


At the beginning of the review the analytical Transmission Electron Microscope is introduced. Equipment, imaging, diffraction and use of analytical TEM are described. Electron path under magnetic lens is delineated, emphasizing the lens aberrations, diffraction, astigmatism and gun brightness. Selected area electron diffraction patterns of Al-Cu and Inconel super alloy are used to index crystallographic planes and to derive zone direction while basic sources of diffraction contrast are depicted using Al-Cu Alloy, Bearing Steel, Ti6Al4V Alloy, Hastelloy and Al-Mg Alloy. Electron microscopy techniques to characterize dislocations and orientation relationship are described precisely. Present trend of advanced electron microscopy are highlighted emphasizing strain measurement of semiconductor.


TEM; Bright Field; Dark Field; SAED Indexing and Intensity; Characterizing Dislocation; Semiconductor Strain Measurement

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