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Dose Rate Mapping Resulting from Water Unloading in the Tangential Tube

Amr Mohamed Abdelhady


Abstract The objective of this study aims to calculate the expected dose rate distribution in the neutron experimental area of research reactor due to unloading water from the tangential tube. The tangential tube is one of the irradiation neutron beams in open pool reactor which installed to conduit a neutron physics experiment. Unloading water from the tangential tube is a process aims to reaching neutrons emitted from the reactor core to the experimental area. MCNP5 code was used to simulate transporting the neutrons and gamma rays from the core to the neutron experimental area. MCNP5 code also was used to calculate the dose rate distributions in this area. Dose rate distribution was calculated at different vertical sections along the beam of the neutrons and the gamma rays emitted from the tangential tube port in order to determine the divergence of the neutrons and gamma rays.

Keywords: neutron tangential tube, open pool reactor, dose rate, MCNP code, neutron divergence

Cite this Article: Amr Abdelhady. Dose Rate Mapping Resulting from Water Unloading in the Tangential Tube. Journal of Nuclear Engineering & Technology. 2019; 9(1): 17–23p. 

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