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Effect of Fusion Plasmas in Complete and Incomplete Fusion

Ayan Kumar Makar


Abstract In an attempt to study the effect of thermal fusion plasma in complete and incomplete fusion, the collisional cross sections of several medium and/or heavy were measured with increasing plasma density, temperature and pressure and analysed with TALYS-1.4 code. The measured plasma density, temperature and pressure profiles are analysed with numerical model transport code PTRANSP, ONETWO and ASTRA and the corresponding data were used for calculations. The excitation functions of these ions were measured and compared with the statistical model codes viz. CASCADE, ALICE-91, and PACE-4. The present analysis strongly suggests that above the critical ignition temperature of fusion, the contribution of reaction channels populated by the complete fusion is directly proportional with the characteristic fusion plasma parameters (density, temperature and pressure) that mean at higher energy the probability of complete fusion increases.

Keywords: Complete fusion, incomplete fusion, fusion plasma, plasma confinement, nuclear fusion

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