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Atomic Reactors and Use of Heat Pipes

Bangshidhar Goswami



Nuclear power and coolant purpose in passive space power systems have evaluated PWC – 11 niobium base alloys (Nb – 1Zr – 0.1 C) to be one of suitable alloy system. High temperature resistant but easy to oxidize alloy have considered to be important from comparatively higher strength as observed in various heat treatments. Oxygen availability in space has contaminated from material associated to construction. Design compatibility and versatile use of heat pipes have drawn much attention to fabricate more compatible construction. Atomic reactors of space systems require thirty years of life, where PWC – 11 heat pipes are referred from different simulation. Informative descriptions appear about increase in kWt using various options in atomic reactors, e.g. types of coolant.

Keywords: Niobium, PWC – 11, Heat pipes, Atomic reactor, Space systems, Coolant, Electrical energy

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B. Goswami. Atomic Reactors and use of Heat Pipes. Journal of Nuclear Engineering & Technology. 2019; 9(2): 24–32p.

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