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A Thermal Review and Simulation of An Earth Tube Heat Exchanger

Md Asif, Hemant Kr Tandon



Conventional energy is the renewable source of energy. It is the best source of energy and free in nature also in abundance. At the present situation, heating and cooling is a major concern in environment due to global warming. Air conditioning systems has been developed to resolve major part of energy is being engaged in such issues. So, Earth tube heat exchanger is a renewable source of energy for heating and cooling of any building. An Earth Air Tube Heat Exchanger (EATHE) uses the thermal energy of the ground for the air cooling in summer and air heating in winter due to the temperature difference between the air and underground surface. With the help of EATHE we can reduce the energy consumption required for space heating or cooling. However, for determining the surface heat convection, due to lack of available methods it is difficult to make accurate energy simulation and design. Here, in this study we will perform a software simulation for the performance checkup of the system. ANSYS Software will be used for simulation & modeling, under ANSYS software will use Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD Fluent) workbench as simulation analysis.


Keywords: EATHE, Heat Convection, Temperature, Numerical simulation

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Md Asif, Hemant Kr Tandon. A Thermal Review and Simulation of An Earth Tube Heat Exchanger. Journal of Nuclear Engineering & Technology. 2019; 9(3):

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