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A Brief Overview of the Trends in Deployment of Nuclear Cogeneration Projects Round the World

Rupsha Bhattacharyya


Nuclear cogeneration projects have the potential to provide long-term clean and sustainable
electricity, and a host of associated benefits such as clean water, useful radioisotopes, clean
fuels and heat to mankind. Several such projects have been in operation and many more are
coming up in a number of countries as this concept gains increasing importance in a world
which is looking to obtain sustainable and clean energy sources and associated services for
all. This work attempts to provide a brief overview of basic information and trends about the
nuclear cogeneration projects that have been operational round the world for the last several
decades as well as on the most recently deployed projects and the current ideas and concepts
in this domain that are being explored by various nations. Nuclear cogeneration projects
enable diversification of the nuclear industry and are directly related to achieving the United
Nations Sustainable Development Goals to which many member nations have already made
public commitments.

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