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A Review on Waste Heat Recovery Processes and a Proposed Scheme for Commercial Establishments

Shree C, Rhea P. Vaishnav, K. Sruthi, Lakshmy. P, Anamika Mohan, Lakshmi Vinayan, K. Surya Vinod



When the matter of harvesting waste heat is considered, the major questions that arise are the amount of waste heat generated and the efficiency of conversion of the same into useful energy. This paper reviews recent research on waste heat recovery and also proposes an idea of how we can harness waste heat from commercial establishments using Thermopiles / Thermoelectric Generators and use that electrical energy for low power loads. Several research papers on waste heat recovery in different industries are reviewed and an idea to harness the waste heat energy from computers has also been proposed in this paper. Based on the average temperature range for CPU when it is under operation and the voltage output of different types of Thermocouples, this paper suggests a suitable thermocouple for building the Thermopiles for harvesting waste heat in commercial establishments and can be further improvised in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.

Keywords:Thermopiles, Figure of Merit, Waste heat-useful energy conversion, Thermoelectric Generators, Solar TEG

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Shree. C, Rhea. P. Vaishnav, K. Sruthi, Lakshmy.P, A. Anamika Mohan, Lakshmi Vinayan, K. Surya Vinod. A Review on Waste Heat Recovery Processes and a Proposed Scheme for Commercial Establishments. Journal of Nuclear Engineering & Technology. 2020; 10(2): 1–8p.

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