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Processing and Properties of Corn Starch based Thermoplastic Matrix for Green Composites: A Review

Vishal J. Pandya, Pravin P. Rathod


New trend is emerging in development of renewable materials such as green composites which are having wide variety of applications. With growing interest and importance, the use thermoplastic starch based bio-polymers has led to more focus on the use of locally available materials. When corn starch based thermoplastic matrix is reinforced with natural fibers, desired physical-chemical properties can be achieved through melt processing. The effect of plasticizers plays vital role to improve the processability of green composite. Improvement in processability and properties of thermoplastic starch leads to new formulated green composite which satisfies the requirement of structural applications.

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Pandya Vishal J, Rathod Pravin P. Processing and Properties of Corn Starch based Thermoplastic Matrix for Green Composites: A Review. Journal of Polymer & Composites. 2018; 6(1): 1–5p.


Renewable materials, green composite, thermoplastic starch, corn starch, natural fibers

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