Investigation of Dielectric Properties of a Novel Hybrid Polymer Composite using Industrial and Bio-waste

Jyoti Prakash Dhal, S. C. Mishra



Fly ash is an industrial waste which creates environmental problems. Coir dust is a byproduct of coir fiber production. Novel low-cost hybrid polymer composite using coir dust and fly ash particle reinforcement is prepared. Investigation of dielectric behavior of this hybrid polymer composite proves its efficacy as a high-value marketable product. Individual compacts of coir dust, fly ash, coir dust and fly ash are also prepared for comparison with the hybrid polymer composite. Hand lay-up method is adopted for preparation of the compacts. The hybrid composite has lowest porosity, homogeneous surface structure and greater interface bonding when polymer is used as the binder. With increase in frequency of the applied signal, the dielectric constants of the composites decrease due to dielectric relaxation. Dielectric loss of the hybrid composite shows stabilizing trend with increase in frequency of the applied voltage.


Keywords: polymer composite, dielectric loss, dielectric relaxation, coir dust, fly ash, epoxy resin

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