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Hybrid effect of nanoperlite and nanoclay on mechanical and rheological properties of low-density polyethylene

Elnaz Esmizadeh


The effect of two kinds of nanomaterials, nanoclay (NC) and nanoperlite (NP) was studied on morphological, rheological, mechanical and dynamic-mechanical properties of low-density poly ethylene (LDPE). It was found that hybrid nanofiller dispersion in LDPE depended on the type (hybrid or individual form) and in higher extent also on the amount of the nanofiller incorporated. Rheological results revealed that storage modulus and complex viscosity of hybrid nanofiller-filled LDPE nanocomposites increased with increasing NP concentration. Dynamic-mechanical properties showed that the storage modulus increases with the addition of NP while the intensity of tan δ peak got reduced. The results confirmed the establishment of interactions between LDPE matrix/NC and treated NP. The synergistic effect of NC and NP was also suggested. Hybrid nanofiller acted as a strong reinforcing agent for mechanical behavior of LDPE matrix because it reduced slightly the chain motion of polymer chains due to the interaction between nanofiller and LDPE. Synergistic effect of NC and NP for mechanical results was well matched with that of observed for rheological one.


LDPE, Hybrid, Nanocomposite, Nanoclay, Nanoperlite

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