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Enhancement in Surface Properties of Magnesium Alloy after Electroless Ternary Alloy Nano Composite Coating

Farook Sayyad, Shabnam Sayyad, M I Ansari


AZ91 Magnesium alloys have exceptional rigidity, low density, and electromagnetic protection properties, making them ideal for usage in numerous industrial components. But Magnesium alloys specially AZ91 have a significant disadvantage in terms of corrosion and hardness, which restricts their practical uses. One of the most recent ways for improving the corrosion and hardness of Mg alloys is electro-less nano-coating. This study investigates the hardness and corrosion properties of AZ91 Magnesium Alloy as a result of ENi-B-TiO2 Nano composite coating processes. It would be useful to conduct a thorough examination, including experimental analysis, into the possibilities of increasing the deposit efficiency and characteristics of composite deposits by designing a suitable bath composition and operating circumstances. It has been discovered that as the concentration of titania particles increases, so does the surface hardness of coatings. The optimal concentration of second-phase (titania) particles and bath agitation are also examined in order to get superior surface properties following Nano coating. Following this nano coating, the materials may be employed for a variety of materials engineering applications. The influence of coating parameters on the surface characteristics of ENi-B-TiO2 composite coatings was investigated in this study.


Electroless coatings, nano composite, surface properties, AZ91 alloy, bath agitation

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