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A Review on Optimization of cutting parameters for machining Inconel 718 using Grey Relation Analysis

R. Ramya, Ivan Sunit Rout, Lee Yongmi, Manoj Kumar, Abishek Joseph John


Inconel 718 is a nickel-cobalt based super alloy. It provides several advantages including high corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance. Thus the demand for such materials has rapidly increased. It is mostly used in aerospace, steam turbine, bearing industry and nuclear applications. Nickel-based super alloys such as Inconel 718 are known as one of the most difficult-to-cut materials. It is due to their mechanical and chemical properties and tool life is extremely short. Nowadays, Ceramic tool has received a considerable attention as a material for cutting tools and has already established itself in many areas of machining. But practically, the performance of Ceramic tool is still insufficient. This study investigates the optimization of cutting parameters for machining of Inconel 718 based on the Taguchi orthogonal array using the Grey Relation Analysis.


Keywords: Inconel 718, super alloys, Ceramic tool, Taguchi orthogonal array, Grey Relation Analysis


Ceramic tool, Grey relation analysis (GRA), Inconel 718, super alloys, Taguchi orthogonal array

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