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Torque Ripple Reduction in Induction Motor Drive Using Direct Torque Control Technique with Space Vector Modulation

S. Aafrin, M Annam


Three phase squirrel cage induction motor drives are widely used in industries for variable speed applications. This paper proposes the design and simulation of an induction motor (IM) drive with DTC-SVM (Direct Torque Control–Space Vector Modulation). The IGBT/Diode inverter switches are controlled by the DTC-SVM technique. The synthesis of vector selection table depends on the rotational direction of the stator flux vector. The control algorithm in DTC-SVM methods are based on averaged values whereas the switching signals for the inverter are calculated by space vector modulator. The performance of this method is demonstrated by simulation using Matlab/Simulink software package and a comparative study with conventional DTC and Field Oriented Control (FOC) is performed.


Keywords: DTC, DTC-SVM, FOC, IM drive

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