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Heuristic Application on Energy Storage System Allocation in Wind Integrated Power System

Laly M. J., Elizabeth P. Cheriyan, Sunitha R.


Increasing penetration of renewable energy significantly alters the network power flow in terms of direction as well as magnitude. The intermittent and uncertain nature of renewable inputs is a major concern since the power flow in the system is affected considerably. Hence to support bulk integration of renewable energy in the power system, bulk or distributed energy storage systems can be implemented. The energy storage system is utilized to absorb the excess power and meet the demand to avoid violation of system constraints. In this work, a multi-period ac optimal power flow (OPF) problem with energy storage systems (ESSs) is formulated and a set of candidate buses for ESS installation are identified based on economic criterion. A novel hybrid approach of conventional cum heuristic method, newton raphson based particle swarm optimization (NRPSO) method is proposed to optimize the allocation problem. Tests are carried out on IEEE 14-bus system and modified IEEE 14–bus system integrated with wind generation for variable load condition using MATLAB, to assess the optimal location of energy storages on system operation.

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