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Design of Power Line Management System Using Power Line Communication for Home Appliances

Dinesh Kumar Nali, Shiddanagouda F. B


Home power utilization has a tendency to develop in the extent to the increment in the quantity of expansive measured electric home appliances. An installed system with no new additional wiring has been made for home power the board. By utilizing Power Line Communication (PLC) innovation, electric home appliances can be controlled and monitored through household power lines. We portray a PLC modem that coordinates the different AC power attachments, the PLC modem, and a microcontroller into an electrical plug to switch the power of the attachments ON/OFF. The framework uses existing force lines to send the information to a particular node or to broadcast to different power line nodes. The address is allocated to every receiver and its response is focused around their appropriate commands. The receiver will project the inforrmation and can also be used to control it. This framework empowers the client to control the on/off and the power utilization remotely without pestering with additional wiring. Tera Term software supports the plug-in mechanism and allows creating many useful extensions to the application such as Serial port connections, TCP/IP (telnet, SSH1, SSH2) connections. The framework is exceptionally advantageous and can be utilized by simply connecting it to.

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