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Study the Rheological and Filtration Properties of Oil-in-Water Emulsion for its Application in Oil and Gas Well Drilling

Vikas Mahto


This research article investigates the rheological and filtration properties of oil-in-water emulsion required for oil and gas well drilling. The rheological and filtration properties of the emulsions were enhanced by varying concentrations of xanthan gum and CaCO3. The concentration of diesel oil was varied in the range of 5–30% (v/v). The concentration of xanthan gum was varied in the range of 0.25–1% (w/v) and CaCO3 in the range of 1–4% (w/v). It has been observed that these combinations have favourable rheological and filtration properties up to 70°C temperature which implies that the developed system may be used as drilling fluid for its application in sub hydrostatic formations. Keywords: oil-in-water emulsion, emulsifier, emulsion drilling fluid, rheology, filtration loss

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