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Simulation Studies on Effect of Parameters on to the Matrix Acidizing

Bommi Sai Manikanta, Pampana Anil Kumar, Dasari Venkata Manoj, Sreenivas Malta


Matrix acidizing entails introducing an acid solution into the formation at a pressure lower than the fracture pressure in order to dissolve some of the minerals present. The major objective of removing the formation damage close to the wellbore, therefore restoring the natural permeability and greatly rising the well productivity. This paper is a simulation study on matrix acidizing of both sandstone and carbonate reservoirs using MATLAB software. Design parameters like gravimetric, volumetric dissolving powers, injection rate, and volume of acid required for acid preflush are calculated for the sandstone acidizing model and also analysed the effect of these parameters with different concentrations of HCl. The carbonate acidizing volume of acid required is calculated using the Daccord’s and Volumetric models on the basis of wormhole propagation, and the desired penetration of the wormhole.


Matrix acidizing, Sandstone acidizing, Carbonate acidizing, MATLAB, Volume of acid, Injection rate

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