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Eye Shaped MIMO Antenna for Ultrawideband Applications

R. Sambasiva Nayak, R.P. Singh, M. Satya Sai Ram, G.R. Selokar, Pushpendra Sharma Sharma, Sonali Bharti, Alka Thakur



A totally distinctive MIMO sharp band-notched antenna with high isolation for UWB applications is given. The antenna consists of two antenna elements with an overall space. A shaped stub is extruded among the bottom plane to enhance isolation associated with a shaped stub to introduce band-notched. The designed antenna possesses an occasional mutual coupling over the operative band. The performance of this antenna is studied in terms of isolation between the two ports, pattern, efficiency, realized gain, and envelope correlation coefficient.

Keywords: Eye Shaped (ES), band-notched, Envelope Correlation Coefficient (ECC), radiation pattern

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Sambasiva Nayak R, Singh RP, Satya Sai Ram M et al. Eye Shaped Mimo Antenna for Ultrawideband Applications. Journal of Telecommunication, Switching Systems and Networks. 2018; 5(2): 25–29p.

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