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Enhancing security and Efficiency in cloud Data De-duplication through re encryption

A. Sai Nikhith, N. Tarun, G. Tharun, B. Sahithi, J. Sai Vishal, Vijay .


Data de-duplication technologies have been widely used by commercial cloud storage providers since they are helpful and essential in addressing the growing data expansion. To enhance and guarantee the security of sensitive information provided by users in the outsourced storage mode, numerous secure data de-duplication techniques have been developed and employed in diverse settings. Several scholars have been drawn to secure and efficient re-encryption for encrypted data de-duplication systems, and several solutions have been built to facilitate dynamic ownership management. This study examines the re-encryption de-duplication storage system and demonstrates the stub-reserved attack vulnerability of the recently announced lightweight rekeying-aware encrypted de-duplication scheme (REED).


Re-encryption, Data de-duplication, User joining, User revocation, randomised convergent encryption

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