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Compressive Behavior of Concrete Using Plastic Coarse Aggregate

Ashwni Kumar Dubey, Muzaffar Ahmad Mir


Plastic disposal is one of the main problems for environment due to its very low biodegradability and presence in large quantities. Every industries and shopkeepers mostly use plastics, so it is present in very large amount in the environment. E-waste plastics are used to replace coarse aggregates for making concrete mixes. Variations of the aggregates are available in three different sizes with the quantity of 5–15% of waste plastic coarse aggregate (PCA) in concrete mix. If PCA is added in the concrete mixture with fly ash & without fly ash, the compressive strength is reduced with the change of varying percentage of plastic. The main reason behind decreasing of compressive strength is the lowest bonding capacity of PCA.

Keywords: Concrete, coarse aggregate, compressive strength, plastics, plastic coarse aggregate

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