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Fire Safety Management for Hospital

PS Gandhak, Rahul Wankhade


Fire can be a useful tool, but it can also be a deadly nightmare. As the old proverb states, it is a good servant but a bad master. Safety management is a very important aspect of planning in every form of infrastructure, and especially for a hospital building. However let’s focus on one major aspect of safety management and i.e. fire safety for a hospital. Fire can cause irreparable losses, to any hospital. Hospitals are infrastructures with a high density of life in terms of patients, doctors, staff, etc. Therefore utmost care needs to be taken and precautions followed to imbibe good safety measures and practices amongst planners, employees and healthcare workers in any hospital. The aim of this study is to investigate the relevant aspects of Fire safety management in hospital buildings and to identify methods to improve fire safety of hospital building users. The scope of this study has been focused on the information gathering in order to frame Fire safety management system within an appropriate time frame, by gathering information in the form of interviews and questionnaire from the hospital users, competent concerned Govt. dept., and the Fire safety implementation personnel. After word processing of gathered information to identify the critical attributes as per its relative important and working out the Fire safety requirement of these critical attributes. At last, framing Fire safety management system, fulfilling the fire safety requirement of identified different critical attributes.
Keywords: Fire Safety Implementation, Hospital Building, Critical Attributes

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