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Optimize the Efficiency of the Kaplan Turbine by Design and CFD Analysis of Runner Wheel Blades

OmPrakash Sondhiya, Pinkesh Bhurlekar


Abstract: Due to recent crises of electricity in the country, it is utmost need for the utilization of renewable energy resources abundantly available like hydropower. To overcome this problem of electricity shortage, hydro-power turbines can be used. Since every hydro site have different site conditions, so design and selection of the proper turbine type and size becomes more important. In this case, it is vital to adopt indigenous design and development of hydropower components. Hydro turbines are the most important part of hydro-power plant. In this research, development of turbines has been focused, mainly of low head turbines. The reason is that small low-head schemes can easily be executed on the run-off-rivers and canals. This paper presents the improvement technique administrated on a complex mathematics of blade profile through static and dynamic process analysis. It is used through modification of the blade profile geometry at five totally different angles within the 3D (Three Dimensional) CAD model. Blade advanced geometry and style are developed by victimization the coordinates purpose system on the blade in PRO-E/CREO software system. Five distinct blade models square measure developed for analysis purpose. Based on the rate of flow rate and heads, blade profiles square measure analysed using ANSYS software to check and compare the output results for optimization of the blades for improved results which show that by changing blade profile angle and its geometry, different blade sizes and geometry can be optimized using the computational techniques with changes in CAD models. After successful validation, five different blade profiles have been developed. Research results show improvement in the power output of the turbine with 5.43%. Future recommendations were also suggested to pave the way of further improvement in this area of specialization.

Keywords: Low Head, Kaplan Turbine, Runner Blade, CFD, Optimization, Hydropower, Runof-River

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Om Prakash Sondhiya, Pinkesh Bhurlekar. Optimize the Efficiency of the Kaplan Turbine by Design and CFD Analysis of Runner Wheel Blades. Recent Trends in Fluid Mechanics. 2019; 6(1): 1–19p.  

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